"BLOCK-A-PIX," October, page 24-25

The Block-a-Pix puzzles in the October issue contained numerous errors that made them unsolvable. We apologize for any confusion that this may have caused. Here are links to the corrected puzzles, along with their answers.

What three two-word phrases can be found
in this box? 

What is this object?


26 = L. of the A.
What are L. and A.?


Note: Digital edition puzzles are not interactive.

OCTOBER 2016 issue
(on sale 9/13/2016)

Andrew Rhoda, the World's Only Curator of Puzzles
Meet the curator of the Lilly Library's Slocum Puzzle Collection

And the Winner Is...
Test your knowledge of Best Picture winners of the years

Pokémon? Go for It!
A look at the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go


What's Happening
Previews of upcoming events

Sole Survivor
A challenging chess puzzle

This Old Game
Vintage board games
from the collector's closet

Your Word Against Mine: Scrabble Happenings, Puzzles, and Tips
Tools to improve your game

Contest: Rhyme Time

Contest Results:
Flustered Again (from April)

Electronic Game Reviews
- Castles of Mad King Ludwig
- Imbroglio

Traditional Game Reviews
- Isles of Skye
- Booty

Game On!
Offbeat news, trivia, and more from today's world of games and puzzles


Rows Garden
The Blooms are six-letter words or phrases that fill the colored hexagons, reading either clockwise or counterclockwise - you decide. Bloom clues are divided into three lists: White, Pink, and Gray. Place answers to the White clues in the white hexagons, Pink in the pink, and Gray in the gray. All three Bloom lists are in random order, so you must use the Row answers to figure out where to plant each Bloom.
Cover Design: Bonnie Koves

- All About Fall
- Battleships
- Camouflage
- Candy Corn Crush
- Double Cross
- Family Reunions
- Into the Woods
- Kid Stuff
- Mixed Doubles
- Nurikabe
- One, Two, Three
- Paint by Numbers
- Pencil Pointers
- Quote Boxes
- Siamese Triplets
- Solitaire Hangman
- Weavers
- World's Most Ornery

and other pencil puzzles

Orion’s Crystal

The all-but-invisible puzzle
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Eight puzzle pieces fit together to form a sphere. Not too tough…if you could see the pieces!

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