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General Questions

1. Where can I find Games or World of Puzzles on the newsstand?

It depends where you live, but mostly in supermarkets and book stores. If you are having trouble finding our magazines, please contact our customer service department, let us know your ZIP code, and we’ll let you know what nearby stores carry us. Or you can avoid the problem by subscribing.

2. I’m thinking of giving Games to my grandchildren. How old must they be to enjoy it?

Games is intended primarily for adults and young adults, since it does contain some difficult puzzles and advanced reading material. However, Games does contain two pages of “Kid Stuff” puzzles each issue for young solvers ages 8 and up (approximately), and most issues contain at least some visual puzzles or easy word puzzles that can be attempted by children. Games does attempt to be family-friendly and teacher-friendly by avoiding offensive language and not accepting advertisements for tobacco or alcohol.

Puzzle questions

1. What are the four common English words ending in GRY?
ANGRY, HUNGRY, and we forget the other two. 

Game questions

1. What’s the Games Hall of Fame?
Answer: Established in 1984, the Games Hall of Fame honors proprietary board games and card games of the highest quality that have been on the market for at least 10 years. The first 10 games inducted into the Hall of Fame were Acquire, Clue, Diplomacy, Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly, Othello, Risk, Scrabble Brand Crossword Game, Sorry!, and Yahtzee. There are currently 23 games in our Hall of Fame, which is published in each December issue.

2. Do you charge a fee to review games in your magazine? 
Answer: Absolutely no fees are charged to consider games for review or for any of our annual awards; we pick our favorite games solely on merit. We do, however, request a review copy of any game to be considered.

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