What three two-word phrases can be found
in this box? 

What is this object?


26 = L. of the A.
What are L. and A.?


Previous issue: April 2011

Monkey Business answer key
(from a puzzle in April 2011)

2012 Games of the Year
(from the December 2011 issue)

May 2012 issue
(on sale March 20)


The Game Designs of
Sid Sackson

An admiring look at some of the best work of America’s greatest game inventor.
R. Wayne Schmittberger

In Other Worlds
Where in the universe do these science-fiction film scenes take place?
Jeff Moran

Playing Physics

Use simple science to solve these dinner table stunts.
Martin Gardner

Checkers Gone Wild

In this wild checkers variant, dark and light squares represent “heaven” and “hell.”
John J. McCallion

Uphill Climb

Wind your way to the top of this dizzying 3D staircasae maze.
Vanyó Tamás


Short Cuts
Can you identify these logos from horizontal slices taken from them?


Strange Stories of an
Accused Spy

A trial in Iran, the CIA, and a computer game company.
Thomas L. McDonald

Inside the Box
News from the world of electronic gaming.
Thomas L. McDonald

Electronic Game Reviews
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
Edited by Thomas L. McDonald

Traditional Game Reviews
The Road to Canterbury
Dicey Curves
Mirror, Mirror
Toc Toc Woodman

State of Play: A Gaming Blog



Mental Blocks
You and your opponent are plaing a game of Takeaway using the nine groups of blocks on three faces of this cube. (Gravity pulls each group toward the cube.) Each turn, a player selects any block and removes it, along with any blocks that are “above” it. Whoever removes the last block from the last group wins the game. Which block(s) should you remove to assure your victory?
Cover Puzzle: Paddy Smith
Cover Illustration
: Kevin Boone

Petal Pushers
Easy as Pi
Cartoon Carrot-Tops
Pencil Pointers
Kid Stuff

PuzzleCraft #79:
   Snake Charmer
Actor Hexes
Now You Can See It…
Paint by Numbers
Motley Stew
Double Cross
Some Assembly Required
Mixed Blessings

World’s Most Ornery
and other pencil puzzles

Wild Cards
A potpourri of little puzzles we couldn’t fit anywhere else.

Selected Features: Links

November 1983
Good Knight, Suite Prints
A Homophone Story by Mary Ellen Slate.

December 2006
Starry Night
Solve an interactive version of our December issue’s cover maze by Robert Abbott (Logic Mazes). Cover design by Jim Malloy.

October 2005
The Looney Labs Experiment
How a kinder, gentler game company got its groove on.
Read article.

September 2005
Canned Wonders
Charitable competitions produce remarkable feats of Canstruction®.

Games Online Contest #37

Orion’s Crystal

The all-but-invisible puzzle
that’s sweeping the country!

Eight puzzle pieces fit together to form a sphere. Not too tough…if you could see the pieces! Now just $14.99 plus shipping. Order.

Games World of Puzzles

May 2012 issue
on sale March 20

Double Cross 2 Correction

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